Product Review: benetint by Benefit Cosmetics


rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
Retail Price: $28 USD

I know, I know – $28 for a bottle of blush?

Well, in my single-gal-twenties, I wouldn’t have batted a heavily mascaraed eyelash at paying $28 for a bottle of posh makeup that made me feel a little extra pretty.  Why Not?  Those were the days of Disposable Income, Baby!

But once I had a child, my income started going to disposable diapers, or otherwise became property of the baby.  So trust me, it’s an extremely rare occasion when this mama indulges in anything that cannot be used/worn/broken by the children.

But Benetint is the exception.  I’ve been using this product for years, and it is one of my staples.  First of all, it’s more versatile than your average blush.  This little bottle does double duty as both a lip stain and cheek blusher.  Second of all, while I can’t say what the manufacturer’s recommended shelf life is for this product, I can say that I have personally managed to hold on to bottles of Benetint for years.  Because this bottle packs a powerful little punch, and only a dab on each cheek or a swipe over the lips is necessary, the bottle lasts for-ev-er.

Many of us will “invest” $20 into a single cloth diaper with the justification that it will last for years.  Think of Benetint as the same sort of investment, except this one is just for you.  My husband gifted me a bottle for my 30th birthday, and here I am *ahem* a whole birthday later, and the bottle barely has a dent in in – and not for lack of trying!


One Response to “Product Review: benetint by Benefit Cosmetics”

  1. amanda soriano Says:

    i have not tried thirsties yet but i am about to order some size smalls. i recently saw the duo and am thinking about trying it out. i’ve only heard good reviews so i can’t wait to give it a try.

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