Product Review: PumpEase™ Pumping Bra

pumpeaseHandsfree Pumping Support Bra
Retail Price: $38 CAD

If you are a mother who works outside the house, chances are you are going to be pumping breastmilk at your job – a lot.  If you work a full time job, you’ll be pumping a few times a day, and maybe even adding some pumping sessions at night to keep your supply up.  Alternatively, if you’re a mother who is exclusively pumping (not feeding baby at breast), or pumping to donate milk, you’ll also be spending hours a day hooked up to the breast pump.  That is a lot of time spent holding plastic horns up to your chest.  If you have other kids to look after, or other things to do, you need your hands free.

Nothing made me hate pumping more than the feeling of being stuck for a half hour at a time, hands tied, unable to do anything else.  My arms got tired, and I grew bored of staring at the wall in front of me.  I had seen pumping bras at my local baby store, but they seemed so blandly utilitarian, and looked a bit too much like a corset for my feminist taste.

A month after I came back to work, I stumbled upon the PumpEase™ Handsfree Pumping Support Bra, and ordered one straight away.  The colors and styles really caught my eye, and the price put the product within reach.  I figure time is money, so if I could free up my hands to do more with my time, then the bra would pay for itself pretty quickly.

I was so thrilled when it arrived – finally, I was liberated!  The first thing I loved was that the bra so pretty – not that anyone would ever see it, but it still made me feel better, just like any pretty under garments would.  The second thing I loved was that it helped me go completely hands-free, leaving me to type emails, or read a book, even play cards with myself.  I had my hands back!  Maybe I had to pump breast milk every few hours, but that didn’t mean my life had to be put on hold for a half hour at a time.  I could be plenty productive at work while still providing the optimal nutrition for my child at home.

I also really loved how easy it was to put on and take off.  You just pull it around your chest,  fasten a few hooks, and you’re ready to go.  It was surprisingly secure.  The bra, combined with the suction of the breast pump, held full bottles of milk to my chest without any help from me.

After a year of pumping at work I’ve officially hung up the horns, but I’m sure I’ll be right back here pumping after my next baby, and when the time comes, I’m glad I have my PumpEase™ handy.  I couldn’t imagine pumping several times a day without it.  Thanks PumpEase™!


FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get 10% off PumpEase™ Handsfree Pumping Support Bra with the coupon code FEMSHOP10 – now through July 15, 2009.


Wanna win some handsfree support for yourself?  You’re in luck!  One lucky TFS reader will win a PumpEase™ Handsfree Pumping Support Bra of their very own!  There are three ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. Post a link to this review on your blog – then leave a comment with a link to your post.
  3. Tweet a link to this review with the hashtag #tfsphfdreview

You can enter once per method (so that’s three entries total.)  Contest ends on Wednesday, July 8th at Midnight CST and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.  Contest open to all so my international readers are welcome to enter!  Void where prohibited, and all that jazz.  One winner will be drawn at random from all the entries.  Good luck!

WINNER! Congrats to Carolyn from Washington DC for winning this contest!  Keep reading The Feminist Shopper for more chances to win great prizes.

8 Responses to “Product Review: PumpEase™ Pumping Bra”

  1. carolyn Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the happy Canada Day wishes. I’m celebrating by going to see my midwife for a checkup. Woo. I’ve heard great things about these from someone else and was planning on buying one… Maybe won’t have to? Crossing fingers, tho it does make it hard to type!

  2. Kate Says:

    After pumping fulltime for 8 months with my first son, I would have LOVED this product then. Now that I’m pregnant with my second, I need this!

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh, my goodness, how I need this! I spend at least an hour a day pumping, and this would make it SO much easier! Great giveaway, thank you!!!

  4. Mary Beth Says:

    this looks so much better than the pumping bra i have. it is an over the head number. so much smarter to make a fastening one.

  5. Kyla Says:

    That is SO much cuter than any other one I’ve ever seen! I only pumped once a day (Ryder always took his night time feeding by bottle), and I felt like I was developing a case of pumper’s elbow. I will definitely be getting one of these next time around!

  6. Erika Says:

    This would be a huge help! I love that it isn’t so dreary as the others I’ve seen. Going back to work soon, and not looking forward to all the extra pumping sessions…

  7. Erin Says:

    Thank you for the coupon code, I just bought the PumpEase Petite. It looks awesome!

  8. Best Breast Pump Says:

    Hey, cool story. I just now found your blog and I am already a fan. 🙂

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