Product Review: Rockabye Baby! Music

queenLullaby Renditions of Queen and Aerosmith
Retail Price: $16.98

When my preschooler was first born, a friend gave us a gift certificate to one of those ultra-hip, urban baby boutiques.  The store was filled with little baby rocker T’s and things of the sort, and that’s where I stumbled across the Rockabye Baby! albums.  After that my newborn fell asleep almost every night listening to Lullabye Renditions of Metallica (rawk) and then Lullaby Renditions of Nirvana in later months.  Then, I bought a Rockabye Baby! album for every newly pregnant couple in our circle.  A little known fact about The Feminist Shopper is that I was a career musician for much of my 20’s.  I made records, toured, and did radio and television spots (this is actually how Mr. Feminist Shopper and I first met.)  Rock ‘n’ Roll was my life before the wee ones came along, so I thought a baby version of rock music was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.  The Rockabye Baby! series has dozens of artists to delight the whole rocker family –  from the Beatles, to AC/DC, to The Cure, to No Doubt!

Recently I got my hands on two of the latest releases; Lullaby Renditions of Queen and Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith.  Both of these records are beautifully reflective of the melody and movement created by the original artists.  In my opinion, the Queen record is more melody-centric, while the Aerosmith record is more percussive, which represents each artists’ work quite well.  The Aerosmith record sounds like something you’d hear in a relaxing day-spa, while the Queen record sounds like the way Freddie Mercury might have imagined these songs in the deepest recesses of his imagination.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” was just begging to be turned into a lullaby.  When I listened to Rockabye Baby’s version of this Queen classic, I was immediately hit with how well this song fit into this format.  My children took to this track immediately saying “I love this song!” and swaying along to the music.  (Well, Mommy did buy Daddy the entire Queen catalog for Christmas two years ago, so the children have heard Queen songs about a million times now.)

aerosmithListening to the Aerosmith rendition I couldn’t help but think  that I was happy to have a P.G. version of some of my favorite Aerosmith hits.  Rockabye Baby! provides a way to enjoy some of your favorite songs with your little rocker, minus the infamously racy lyrics of tunes like “Rag Doll” and “Walk This Way.”  The tots have plenty of time to figure out what Steven Tyler meant by “Hey diddle diddle with your kitty in the middle” when they’re old enough to put on their own concert T.  As an added bonus for Aerosmith fans, Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith features liner notes by Steven Tyler himself!  Visit the website and you can hear song clips of every track in their collection!

Half the fun in the Rockabye Baby! collection is hearing how they managed to turn your favorite music into pure, peaceful lullabies.  The other half the fun is watching your baby after they’ve been lulled into slumber by the melodies of some of the greatest artists of our day.

Check out the full Rockabye Baby! catalogue at their website, and “Dream On.”



Wanna win a Lullaby Rendition of your favorite artist?  You’re in luck!  One lucky TFS reader will win a Digital Download so you can choose your favorite artist from the Rockabye Baby! Collection.  There are three ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us about your little rocker.
  2. Post a link to this review on your blog – then leave a comment with a link to your post. (this is worth TWO entries!)
  3. Tweet a link to this review as follows: Rockabye Baby! Review & Giveaway @feministshopper #tfsrbbreview

You can enter once per method (so that’s four total chances to win.)  Contest ends on Tuesday, October 27th at Midnight CST and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.  Contest open to All! Void where prohibited, and all that jazz.  One winner will be drawn at random from all the entries.  Good luck!

WINNER! Congrats to Kristen from for winning this contest!  Keep reading The Feminist Shopper for more chances to win great prizes.


16 Responses to “Product Review: Rockabye Baby! Music”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Never have I wanted to win a giveaway as much as this! My BabyCakes loves music and I would love to introduce him to rock in such a cute, baby-friendly way.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    My girls are crazy about listening to music! They listen to everything from Dan Zanes to Ingrid Michaelson to That Baby CD (which has kid-friendly covers of major artists). Anything to keep The Wheels on the Bus out of the CD player sounds like a treat 🙂

  3. Jen LF Says:

    I have been trying to convince my husband that if the kid is just as happy listening to good music (kid music or otherwise), why should we keep the crappy kids CDs that people have given us? These sound like a great kid-friendly option for us.

    My almost three year old son enjoys Ani DiFranco, Barenaked Ladies, Lucinda Williams, ABBA, and They Might be Giants, to name a few…yesterday, he picked The Wallflowers off the CD rack and gave it a listen. He loves music in general, and I’m thrilled to introduce him to new artists!

  4. Jen LF Says:


  5. Kristen Says:

    Ooh, I love these CDs! My friends got me the Radiohead version when my first son was born. And he’s grown up to be a pretty badass rocker.

    In fact, when he was with his great-grandparents the other day, and when they tuned their radio to their local country station, he said, “Grandma and Grandpa, can you please turn this off? I like listening to Bob Pollard instead.”

    He also keeps a pretty mean beat, so we’re thinking of getting him a drum kit for Christmas. RAWK.

    Great giveaway!!!

  6. Deedee Hammons Says:

    My 8 month old daughter loves to dance to grown-up music – everything from 70’s music, country, alternative, and even some Spanish guitar 🙂 I love this series of CDs – we have the No Doubt album!

  7. Reiza Says:

    My daughter both want to be rock stars. They’re always singing and pretending to play guitar. My son is so punk rock that he even has these super cool guitar sheets we won at an AWESOME website. 🙂

  8. Reiza Says:


  9. Jenn Says:

    We keep music going all day for our little guy and started Kindermusik at 5 months. The kid has to love concerts as we can’t wait to start taking him. Great review.

  10. Mary Beth Says:

    oooh! I didn’t know these existed. my girl dances most all day long and she makes the most pitiful grunty noise when the music stops.

  11. TheMacMommy Says:

    Woohoo! Loved your review. I posted links to it on my blog, and in twitter, and facebook….everywhere my blog is aggregated.
    Hope you like and hope I win! 🙂

  12. Lauren @ MOMMY IS ROCK N ROLL Says:

    I tweeted it!

  13. Lauren @ MOMMY IS ROCK N ROLL Says:

    Peanut and I listen to Metallica and AC/DC and she loves it when I dance with her around the apartment. When I found out I was pregnant I did some Googling and was stoked that these albums (do we call them that anymore?) exist!

  14. zealandsmom Says:

    We dont watch tv…..only listen to music! Zealand would love this!

  15. zealandsmom Says:

  16. Myssie Says:

    My husband is a drummer and my 4 year old can not get enough “rock and roll please” nor can he contain his excitement when he gets to help the band set up or break down. This kid is paying his dues early. He can almost fully hook up his Grandfather’s keyboard rig to the sound board. Another CD for his collection would be great.

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