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Product Review: Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese

August 5, 2009

DSY_2_4_16ozLow Fat (2%) Cottage Cheese
Retail Price: $2.79-$3.79 USD

Like most people today, I yearn for a lower fat, healthier version of my favorite foods.  Pasta?  Mac ‘N’ Cheese? Dip?  Did you know all those things can be made more delicious, and more healthy by making a simple substitution or addition of one simple food?  That’s right – the answer is cottage cheese, please.

I’ve always enjoyed cottage cheese in small amounts, plain, straight out of the tub.  It wasn’t something I necessarily kept around the house, though, because I didn’t know what else to do with it.  I recently tried Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese and decided I should remind myself to grab a tub next time I’m out shopping.  I knew it was a healthy snack, particularly Daisy Brand which is 100% all natural with no preservatives or additives.  However, I had no idea that it could be used in cooking everything from pancakes to casseroles to desserts.  Daisy has a long list of cottage cheese recipes on their site, and Food Network offers 101 ways to use cottage cheese in cooking.  It decreases the fat and calorie content, while adding protein and calcium.  Sounds like a nice trade-off to me, particularly since Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese tastes so fresh and creamy.  Now that I’m reminded about how much I like it, and now that I know how much I can do with it, I’m excited about experimenting with it.  I think the family will be pleasantly surprised when I whip up this creamy, comforting, Mac ‘N’ Cheese recipe later this week using my Daisy Cottage Cheese.


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