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Product Review: Happy Mama Spray by Earth Mama Angel Baby

June 8, 2009


4 oz Aromatherapy Mist
Retail Price: $14.95 USD

My second son was born via a triumphant VBAC, and this product aided me on the journey toward that small miracle.  30 hours into my labor, the doc was getting impatient, and my plans for a vaginal birth were looking grim.  The staff wanted to throw in the towel and roll me off to the OR, and I was expending all the energy I had in the world to keep pushing toward my VBAC.  The whole room was filling up with anxiety and stress.  Then, like a ray of sun beaconing through the clouds, one of my favorite friends showed up at the hospital with a heart full of love and support, and bag full of Earth Mama Angel Baby products.

Within the hour after she arrived, my labor took a turn for the better.  I started dilating, fast, and soon I was deep in the throes of transition.  Throughout the most intense part of my labor, my friend misted Happy Mama Spray all around my bed, and each whiff made me feel more comforted.  The scrumptious aromatherapy properties of the product helped to shift the energy of the room from an out-and-out warzone into a more peaceful place for me to birth my baby.

I loved the spray so much that it became a staple in my postpartum recovery.  Any new mom knows that it’s easy to stay locked in your bedroom for days when your peanut is cluster feeding.  After a few days of ‘round the clock nursing, soon that once-romantic bedroom you conceived your little miracle in starts to smell like spit-up, baby poo, and Chinese takeout.   But when my bedroom started to develop the postpartum funk, I just misted it down with Happy Mama Spray, and the room was instantly transformed.  The stale smell of sleepless nights was replaced with a fresh, calming aroma that made me almost forget that the sheets needed changing – and so did the baby.

Now I use Happy Mama Spray anytime my room or my mood (or even my child’s mood) needs a little lift.  I’m also told that it’s great for pregnancy nausea.  Earth Mama Angel Baby carries a huge line of products to aid with pregnancy, labor, recovery, breastfeeding, baby care, and mama care too.  All their products are certified kosher, 100% organic, toxin-free, vegan, and clinically tested to be safe and worry-free.  Recently the Bolingbrook Adventist Hospital, which is just a few towns over from me, started using Earth Mama Angel Baby products in their newborn care, and now gives out free gift packs to all their new moms!

Check out their line of gift sets and give a mom you know some Earth Mama Angel Baby love today!



Wanna try Happy Mama Spray for yourself?  You’re in luck!  One lucky TFS reader will win a bottle of Happy Mama Spray along with a box of either Monthly Comfort Tea (for the postpartum moms) or Morning Wellness Tea (for the moms with buns in the oven.)  There are three ways to enter:

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WINNER! Congrats to Andrea B. from Chicago IL for winning this contest!  Keep reading The Feminist Shopper for more chances to win great prizes.


Product Review: Leachco Snoogle Pillow

June 1, 2009

Snoogle Original Total Body PillowOriginal Total Body Pillow
Retail Price: $50

Of all the things I’ve purchased in the last several years to help ease my transition into motherhood, this is, by far, one of the most useful.  Once your belly starts growing to such proportions that you can no longer find any comfortable position in bed, you start looking around for things to prop yourself up with.  First you think a few pillows will do the trick, but with all that new weight you’re sporting you can’t lay on one side for too long before your hip goes numb.  Then comes the invariable tossing and turning, which means you end up rearranging all those pillows every time you move.  And just then, when you’ve finally got yourself into what feels like a luxuriously comfortable position – you have to pee – so you have to haul yourself out of that position, waddle to the bathroom, and then back to the rearranging you go.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

So some brilliant person invented pregnancy pillows.  Thank you to whoever that was.  But I’m afraid not all pregnancy pillows are created the same.  I tried a few before I landed on this one (mostly because I’m cheap and I thought “What? $50 for a pillow! What a racket!”) and like with anything, you really get what you pay for.  For the same reason I won’t buy designer maternity clothes, I had a really hard time justifying the purchase of a pillow designed only to be used during the last few months of pregnancy. 

However, even if I had only used this pillow for three or four months, it would have been 110% worth it.  I wouldn’t spend a single night pregnant without this pillow now.  The only way I ever got any sleep was with this fluffy companion tucked in all my newly-formed nooks and crannies.  And as it turns out, this pillow is also hugely useful for breastfeeding too! 

I had such a hard time figuring out how to nurse laying on my side.  I couldn’t manage to get myself situated into a position that didn’t hurt my back or make my arm fall asleep.  It was getting so bad that I went to see an acupuncturist about the chronic back pains I was developing as a result of the nursing discomfort.  Then a friend told me I should buy a Snoogle because it was a great pillow to use while nursing on your side.  I said “I already have a Snoogle!  I had no idea I could use it for that too!  Score!”  So I pulled the Snoogle back out of storage, and I’ve been using it to breastfeed ever since.  It positions your body in just the right way for your baby to reach the goods, while supporting your back, hips and shoulders.  Plus, my husband would be lying if he said he hadn’t tried to snake it away from me on a few occasions.  It really is just a wonderful little sleep aid.  I think, in total, I’ve used this pillow on roughly 600 nights over the last few years.  Not bad for a $50 investment!